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  1. C'est une belle réplique de sebring avec hardtop fixe et moteur avec un compresseur Judson
  2. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1201348
  3. Sourire

    5 Octobre - Ladoux

    ça a l'air simple la glisse en 924, bon boulot !
  4. Oui je pense, encore faut-il le passport qui va bien
  5. THESE 5 PHOTOS COME COURTESY OF BONHAMS. The car was sold at their recent auction at Scottsdale (Arizona, USA) and I was interested to see a Facebook post on 23rd Jan from Bob Fisher who worked for Royston Distributors from 1972 until they closed in 1980. He says:: "This Le Mans Sprite just sold at Scottsdale. It was (once) owned by Royston Distributors. I worked for Royston until they were bought out in 1980. I would often eat my lunch on the 3rd floor where Mr Royston kept his car collection.... I've had lunch in this car....." He probably imagined what it would be like to drive the car down the Mulsanne Straight at 150 mph - while eating his sandwiches!
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